Marvel X-Men Metal Universe Trading Cards Factory Sealed Hobby Box (Upper Deck 2021)

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Each Box contains Three Gold Parallels, One Numbered Base or High Series Parallel, Two Grandiose Parallels, and One Palladium Card!

2021 Marvel X-Men Metal Universe Trading Cards merges throwback inspired etched foil background base and parallel designs with new thematic designs and technology to showcase fan favorite characters from the X-Men Publishing Universe!

100 Card Base Set with a 100 Card High Series featuring some of the most iconic characters from the X-Men Universe. Collect all six types of Hobby Parallels; Gold, Red PMG, Green PMG, Pink, Purple, and Grandiose! Red and Green PMGs have throwback numbering! Purple Base and High Series Parallels #'d to 1!

Comic Cuts! Discover Cut Comic cards featuring comics from the Early Silver Age, Classic Silver Age, Bronze Age, and Copper Age.

Platinum Portrait features tippled designs forming character images!

Palladium! Die Cut Acetate cards with a modern twist!

Planet Metal! A Retro Design printed on metal! Copper, Platinum, and Gold Planet Metal Parallels all feature limited numbering!

Search for SP and SSP Versions of Geode Shadowbox cards. See beloved X-Men characters inside Geode inspired cards!

All New Arc Weld and Blast Furnace designs! Metal inspired designs printed on Patterned Rainbow Foil Board. Look for SPs!

Purely Periodic! Characters associated with the X-Men - each with their own unique numbering format!

1995 Marvel Metal Buybacks!

1-of-1 Original Art Sketch Cards!